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Should You Tip The Appliance Repairman?

Should You Tip The Appliance Repairman?

Tipping has been customary since the dawn of commerce, yet it still proves to be a confusing custom. You may find yourself wondering which contractors to tip and how much to tip them. The short answer is that tipping tradesmen such as appliance technicians is unnecessary and if you choose to tip, your tip should reflect the quality of service you received.

While some workers, such as appliance delivery drivers and installers may rely on tips to supplement their income, this is not usually the case with appliance technicians. Most are highly trained, well-paid professionals and do not expect a tip for their service. Many appliance service companies also have policies preventing technicians from accepting tips or limiting the amount of those tips. For example, technicians at Michigan Appliance Repair can only accept tips of twenty dollars or less.

In the appliance service industry, tips are relatively uncommon and are usually only given by customers who feel they have received extraordinary service. A survey of Michigan Appliance Repair’s technicians revealed that approximately four percent of customers tip and that those tips averaged around ten percent of the final bill. It is safe to assume that your appliance repairman is not expecting to be tipped, but if you really want to reward him or her for going the extra mile, there is no harm in doing so.

Keep in mind that there are other, less expensive ways of saying thank you such as sharing your experience online or with the technician’s employer. Consider a social media review, letter, or phone call. Also, be sure to mention the repairperson by name. Your comments could have much more of an impact on the technician’s career than a tip ever could. No matter which way you choose to say thank you, your appliance technician is sure to appreciate the gesture.


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Levi Armstrong

It's good to know that it's uncommon for customers to tip the technician in the appliance service industry. My husband and I are looking for an appliance repair service to hire for our broken range. If the technician produces extraordinary service, I'll make sure to tip them, as you said. Thanks!

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Huntington Beach Appliance Repair

We just started our new appliance Repair business and have made sure to let our customers know that tipping should only be done if they really feel like it! Our opinion is the same as yours, which is if you really enjoyed the service sharing your experience online is a great way to give back.

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You are correct that giving a tip is customary that is why we always disclose to our customers that giving a tip is not required. All we want is customer satisfaction. Anyway, thank you for sharing this content and please feel free to visit our website too.

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Appliance repair man repaired my washing machine. When it came time to pay with my credit card there was a tip option on his machine. I skipped it because I felt I was paying enough. The bill came to over $300. I could tell he wasn’t impressed & I also was not impressed that a tip was expected

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Eve Mitchell

Thanks for explaining that you often don't need to tip appliance repair people as it's not expected. My mom's dishwasher stopped working the other day and she's not entirely sure why. I'll make sure to call a repairman to come and take a look at it.

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I just had my washer fixed and the technician was awesome very courteous, friendly and and fixed the problem in a timely manner. My bill was $279.66 I gave him a 25$ cash tip because I felt he went above and beyond

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Josef Eshet

Thanks for the article. It will be really very useful for us. I experienced the appliance repair service from OJ and they also provide quality service.

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Elle Jones

Thank you for pointing out that it's not customary to tip appliance repair technicians. Recently, my mother's dishwasher stopped operating, but she's not completely sure why. I'll make sure to get in touch with a repairman to come to take a look.

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Eli Richardson

We need to repair our oven this week since my wife's baking cupcakes for the church fair, so we're looking for a professional's expertise. It's helpful to know that appliance repair specialists don't expect to get a tip, but they definitely appreciate our gratitude, so we'll keep this in mind for sure. Thanks for the advice on appliance technicians and how to know if we should tip one or not.

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We always tip our regular service technicians well at the time they do the work, not just at Christmas. Tradesmen who are trustworthy and have excellent skills are an invaluable asset to society. We’re so thankful for ours, who always do their best, and we express our gratitude in words and with a personal bonus.

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Elle Jones

Thank you for pointing out that it's not customary to tip appliance repair technicians. Recently, my mother's dishwasher stopped operating, but she's not completely sure why. I'll make sure to get in touch with a repairman to come take a look.

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Olivia Jade

It's considerate to tip the Appliance Repair Services for their expertise and prompt service, especially if they've gone above and beyond to fix the issue. While tipping is not mandatory, it can be a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

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