Appliance Care Tips


  • Clean condenser coils regularly with a brush and vacuum.
  • Clean door gaskets and lightly coat with petroleum jelly to prevent cracks and tears.
  • Clean and disinfect the defrost drain pan to prevent odors.
  • Install a new water filter at least once per year.
  • Check door gaskets by closing a dollar bill in the door. If you don't feel resistance when you pull it out, the gasket may need to be replaced.


  • Run an empty cycle with one quart of white distilled vinegar. This will prevent odors and remove detergent, sediment, and fabric softener residue.
  • Most washing machine fill hoses are made of rubber. A burst hose can spray hundreds of gallons of water per hour, and cause enormous damage. If your hoses are more than 3 years old, consider replacing them with braided steel fill hoses. As an added precaution, turn off the water supply to the washer whenever you'll be away for extended periods of time.
  • Never wash kitchen or bathroom floor mats in your washing machine. The rubber backing may peel off and damage the washing machine's drain pump.


  • Remember to clean the lint filter after every load.
  • Remove any fabric softener residue from the lint screen using a brush and hot soapy water.
  • Inspect and clean any lint from your outside vent hood.
  • If clothes take more than one cycle to dry, have your dryer serviced as soon as possible to prevent the risk of fire.


  • If your dishwasher is working properly, pre-rinsing the dishes is unnecessary. Most dishes can go directly from the table to the dishwasher without stopping at the sink.
  • Always run hot tap water before starting your dishwasher. This will boost the wash temperature.
  • Modern dishwashers require rinse-aid to properly clean and dry dishes. Make sure the rinse-aid reservoir remains full.
  • If your glasses come out with a cloudy discoloration that can't be scraped off, try using a granular detergent with a lower phosphate content.
  • Run an empty cycle and pour one quart of white vinegar into the tub while the dishwasher is filling with water. This will remove food particles, sediment, and excess detergent from the pump and spray arms.


  • Convex, concave, or cast iron cookware can cause glass top ranges to crack or discolor. Make sure the bottoms of your pots and pans make full contact with the glass.
  • Yellow flames or soot build up indicates a problem with your gas oven or range. It should be serviced immediately to prevent fire or carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Always remove the racks from your oven while using the self-clean feature, and never leave an oven unattended while self-cleaning!

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